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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. I am very happy to inform you that now you can install The Civil Engineering Notes App to your android smartphone and use it offline whenever you need. You do not have to download the app from Play Store and never have to update it. It works from the Google Chrome Browser and adds the app to your Home Screen.

I have been getting many requests to create an app for and I have brought you an option to install the same.

Benefits of the Civil Engineering Notes App:

  • This app one installed reduces your data uses by more than 50% every time you read an article or visit homepage.
  • It works offline, i.e. any article loaded once on the app remains offline, so that you can access it anytime even without the need of internet.
  • No need to download the app or update it via Google Play Store, so it reduces your data usage of downloading and updating.
  • Its superfast as core files of the app remains on the app and does not need to be downloaded every time.
  • Get notified of new articles published on The Civil Engineering Notes and read instantly.

How to Install the Civil Engineering Notes App:

You can visit the on Google Chrome App on your Android Phone, you will be prompted to Add CEN to Home Screen or Install CEN to Home Screen. Just add or install and everything is done. See the screenshot below:

Install App

Another way of installing the app is by selecting the menu option while visiting and selecting the option Add CEN to Home Screen, it automatically gets installed and is available on your Home Screen. See the screenshot below:

Install App

How offline feature Works:

The offline feature works by caching any page or article you visit on the app. Then, the app makes available those pages offline for you to read anytime you like. Even if you are with your internet connection on, the app just uses a cached version of the article, so minimizing your data uses.

Happy Learning.

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