Mivan Shuttering – Revolutionizing Construction: Components, Erection, Features, and Comparison

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In the ever-evolving world of construction, innovation is key to improving efficiency and reducing costs. Mivan Shuttering (Also known as Mivan Formwork), a modern construction technique, has been making waves in the industry due to its remarkable benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Mivan formwork, exploring its components, erection process, standout features, and a detailed comparison with traditional formwork systems.

Mivan Formwork Technology

What is Mivan Shuttering?

Mivan Shuttering is a high-grade aluminium panel system that simplifies the construction of concrete walls, columns, and other structural elements. This innovative formwork system is renowned for its speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Components of Mivan Shuttering

Mivan formwork comprises several essential components, each playing a crucial role in the construction process. Let’s break down these components and their functions in more detail:

1. Wall Components

1.1 Wall Panel

The basic and major component of Mivan formworks is the wall panels. It forms the face of the wall made out of an aluminium sheet properly cut to fit the exact size of the wall.

Wall Components in Mivan Shuttering

1.2 Rocker

Rocker is an L-shaped panel having allotment holes for stub pin to support the wall panels.

1.3 Kickers

It acts as a ledge to support the wall panels by forming a wall face at the top of the panel.

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1.4 Stub Pin

It is the joining component of all other wall components.

2. Beam Components

2.1 Beam Side Panel

It is a rectangular structure cut into the required size of the beam which forms the sides of the beams.

Beam Components of Mivan Formwork

 2.2 Prop Head and Panel for Soffit Beam

In the beams, where there is no support from the bottom, prop heads are used to support the beam. It has a V-shaped head for easy dislodging of the formwork.

Soffit beam panel is a rectangular aluminium structure placed in the prop head to support the soffit beams.

3. Deck Components

3.1 Deck Panels

A horizontal flat surface upon which the slab is cast.

Deck Components of Mivan Formwork

3.2 Deck Prop and Prop Length

Deck prop is the same as that of beam deck prop, here it is used to support the slab and bears the load coming on the deck panel.
Prop lengths are the vertical support to the deck prop which are adjustable as per the slab height.

3.3 Soffit Length

Soffit length provides support to the edge of the deck panels at their perimeter of the room.

4. Other Components

The other components used excluding wall, beam and deck components are internal and external soffit corners, exterior and interior corners for wall panels.

Other Components of Mivan Formwork

Erection Process of Mivan Shuttering

Mivan formwork’s ease of assembly sets it apart from traditional construction methods. Here’s a more detailed step-by-step guide to the erection process:

1. Foundation Preparation

Before erecting the Mivan formwork, it is essential to ensure that the foundation is level and sturdy. A stable foundation provides a solid base for the formwork and ensures the structural integrity of the entire building.

2. Installing Wall Panels

The construction process begins with the assembly and installation of the wall panels. Careful attention to alignment is crucial to ensure that the walls are erected according to the building design. The interlocking design of the panels simplifies this process and enhances stability.

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3. Placing Beam Formwork

With the wall panels in place, the next step is to install beam formwork. Beam formwork is used to create beams and lintels in the structure. These components are adjustable, allowing for precise measurements and alignment with the design specifications.

Placing Beam Formwork

4. Fixing Deck Panels

Once the wall and beam formwork are in position, deck panels are interlocked with the wall panels to create the slab structure of the building. It is essential to ensure that the deck panels are securely fixed to maintain stability during the concrete pouring phase.

5. Installing Props

The prop system is then employed to support the weight of the concrete during pouring. Steel props, adjustable in height, are strategically placed beneath the deck panels. The adjustability of the props allows for precise levelling and alignment, ensuring uniform concrete distribution.

6. Pouring Concrete

With the formwork in place and properly supported, concrete can be poured into the structure. The use of vibrators during the pouring process helps eliminate air bubbles and ensures a smooth finish. Proper pouring techniques are essential for achieving structural integrity and a high-quality surface finish.

Pouring Concrete

7. Curing

After the concrete has been poured, it is crucial to allow it to cure properly. Curing involves maintaining the right temperature and humidity conditions to ensure that the concrete gains strength gradually. Proper curing is essential for the longevity of the structure and the prevention of cracks.

8. Dismantling Formwork

Once the concrete has adequately cured, the formwork components are dismantled in the reverse order of installation. This process allows for the efficient removal of the formwork, leaving behind a finished structure ready for further finishing touches.

Features of Mivan Shuttering

Mivan Shuttering boasts a range of features that make it an attractive choice for construction projects:

1. Speed and Efficiency

Mivan formwork significantly reduces construction time, enabling faster project completion. This is primarily due to the streamlined assembly process, precise alignment, and the ability to work on multiple areas of the structure simultaneously.

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2. Quality Finish

The system ensures a high-quality finish with minimal defects, reducing the need for plastering and additional finishing work. The use of precision-engineered components and interlocking panels contributes to a smooth and uniform concrete surface.

3. Cost Savings

By speeding up construction and reducing labour requirements, Mivan formwork can lead to substantial cost savings. While the initial investment in Mivan formwork may be higher, the overall project cost tends to be lower due to reduced labour costs and faster construction timelines.

4. Reusability

The durable aluminium components of Mivan formwork can be reused for multiple projects, further reducing expenses. This reusability factor not only lowers the cost per project but also contributes to sustainability by reducing waste in the construction industry.

5. Eco-Friendly

Mivan formwork generates less construction waste and minimizes the environmental impact of construction. The efficiency of the system results in fewer material wastages, contributing to a more sustainable construction process.


Comparison: Mivan Shuttering vs. Traditional Shuttering

FactorsConventional FormworkMivan Formwork
Speed of ConstructionConsumption is more than that used in conventional structures.The room-sized wall panels and ceiling elements cast against steel plates having smooth finishes and interiors have neat and clean lines without unsightly projections in room interiors.
AestheticsIn the case of RCC structural formwork of column and beams partition brick wall, the columns and beams show unsightly projections in room interiorsTextured/ pattered coloured concrete fascia can be provided which does not need frequent repainting.
External FinishesThe pace of the construction is slow due to the step-by-step completion of different stages of activities required. Erection of formwork, concreting and de-shuttering is a 2-week cycle.Cement plastered brickwork, painted with cement-based paint.
Useful Carpet area as % of Plinth areaEfficiency around 83.5%Efficiency around 87.5%
Consumption of raw materials
NormalConsumption is more than that used in conventional structures.
MaintenanceHigh due to repairs in plaster of wall and ceiling, Repainting and leakages due to plumbing installations.The walls and ceiling are smooth and high-quality concrete repairs for plastering and leakage are all required frequently


Mivan formwork has revolutionized the construction industry by offering speed, efficiency, and cost savings. Its components, erection process, features, and comparison with traditional formwork systems highlight its potential to transform construction projects worldwide. Embracing Mivan formwork can lead to shorter project timelines, improved quality, and reduced costs, making it a compelling choice for modern construction endeavours.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, Mivan formwork stands as a testament to innovation and progress. Its use of high-grade aluminium, precise engineering, and eco-friendly practices align with the growing demand for sustainable and efficient construction methods. By integrating Mivan formwork into construction projects, builders can achieve remarkable results in terms of speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately shaping a more dynamic and competitive construction landscape.

I hope this article will help you to all about Mivan Shuttering. You may also want to see my other post on my Blog. If I have missed anything here, please let me know about that in the comment below this post.

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