Support Students by Submitting Your Project/Presentation:

Hi there, You can help many final year students of civil engineering by submitting your final year and/or any other project or presentation to us (

In the present days, many students are searching for a new and creative idea for his/her final year project submission. So, you can help them to find their topic and show them your skill by submitting your project/presentation to us. 


Points to be Noted:

  1. You should not submit a copyrighted product.
  2. All the credits of the project that will be submitted by you reserved by you. 
  3. Copyright of the project/presentation submitted by you will be yours, however we have the rights to modify few contents (if needed).
  4. Your name will be written below your submitted project/presentation. But we would not publish your email address. We respect your privacy. 

You need to Upload:

  1. Final year full project/presentation
  2. If any images needed to be attached. 

N.B: Supported File Type: pdf, doc, ppt, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, zip (Max Size 10MB).

How to Upload:

  1. Zip all the required file(s) & send to [email protected] or
  2. Fill the form below

If you face any difficulty, feel free to contact us.

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